Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Holy Crap

It's 2020.  Yes, 2020 is here and 2019 is but a piece of history.  For some, that will be a welcomed change, for others, 2020 will continue the positive path we've seen previously...but for your 151 Band, beastly changes are afoot!

First, we have a new singer.  She may be new to us but to be sure, she is familiar to most of you who love the local Oklahoma City music scene.  Charli Z is a pretty wicked vocal range, phenomenal diversity, a smooth and fun stage presence, and is absolutely one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.  We are proud to have her at the forefront, hiding Ron and Nathen quietly in the background.  We are honored to have her at the forefront of our ragtag band.

We also are proud to announce that Tina Stephens joins us on stage to sing backup and some harmonies.  She compliments Charli's awesome vocals wonderfully.  She's an accomplished photographer, fun singer, and an absolute joy to be around.

Second, we have Doug Hammann thundering on the bass.  He's an Army veteran, fun musician, and he keeps us all on our toes.  Doug's stage presence, his accuracy on bass, and his positive attitude is something folks have welcomed and responded to very well.  And yes, ladies, he's single and an avid OU Sooner fan.

Having solid vocals like we do, coupled with an energetic and talented bass player, leads us to one more new element to the 151 concoction. 

Fourth,  Shane Loudon has joined us on the drums.  Shane has some serious chops and has been a crowd favorite for a number of years.  He and Doug hit that groove and you would think there's some voodoo involved.  Shane is a great guy, a gentleman, and one of those drummers you really want to get to know.  And, let's face it, he kicks butt!

Lastly, we invite you to come back here frequently and learn more about your 151 Band!

We have a fun gig schedule ahead!  

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Time Flies

Wow!  It's been a wild and wacky few months, weeks and days, hasn't it?  We've been taking a bit of a break; regrouping, and preparing for a rebranding of sorts.  We have been enjoined by a few new members that you'll get to meet soon enough and of course, we'll have a  brand new set list with a more dynamic and versatile look that you've seen from us in the past.   Yes, we'll be playing a few of the classics that y'all love, but we are adding new songs that include some R&B, more country, and blazing rock and roll - you'll even hear some of your favorite fun pop songs as well.

Imagine...a band with set lists custom-designed for the specific venue!  That's your new and rejuvenated 151 Band!

So, expect some fun new developments soon as we build a new sound and an exciting lineup that will make you want to shake your little groove things!

Yours always!

151 Band
Something different for those of us we are different...

Friday, September 7, 2018

Weekend Off

Hey, kids!  Your 151 Band has the weekend off, but we remind you to come to our show at the Belle Isle Brewery next week!  It's a great venue, we'll be shooting some video and yes, there will be some give-aways for y'all!

In the meantime, go out and support local music this weekend and check out some of our friends in other bands.  Local music succeeds because of folks like you.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you and making more friends!

Your 151 Band!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ready for Friday!

Friday, we will be rocking Bill's Steakhouse and Saloon on SW98th where the food and the environment is amazing!  A non-smoking venue, it is family-friendly and yes, 151 Band has a PG-rated set list!  The food special includes:
All Day Friday, BEEF TIPS with peppers, onions, and a side.
ONLY $6.99!
Not only that, but we will be making available our new shirt designs in a limited edition at Bill's.  They are only $12 each and inventory is limited so we encourage you to get there early before they are sold out!

Come to Bill's Friday night and join the fun!

Monday, August 27, 2018

August 31, Bill's Steakhouse and Saloon!

It's hard to be lacking entertainment and great food when you're at Bill's Steakhouse and yes, you'll want to be there this Friday, August 31!  We'll be rocking and rolling while you're dancing, drinking, and enjoying some amazing food.  Stop by and give yourself a break and remember, it's a NON-SMOKING facility.  

New Site, New Feel

Welcome!  Here is the beginning of something very exciting - our new site.  Stand by as we construct a fun experience for you.

Robert, Ron, Jade, Nathen, Cal
Just saying "hello!"